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Until Next Time!

A list of shades that were discontinued to make room for exciting and new shades:

- Abuela's Cafecito

- Alice

- Amanda

- Andromeda

- A Penny For Your Thoughts

- Boriké

- Capricorn Season (Limited Edition)

- Chancla Survivor

- Cotton Candy Clouds

- Firefly Magic

- Fire (Guatu')

- Fire Queen

- Golden Sunshine

- Hola Bonita

- It's Showtime

- Just Keep Swimming

- Mucho Mucho Amor

- More Adobo

- My Car Is Dunzo!

- Parade Queen

- Rhinestone Eyes

- Telenovela Time

- That's So Retro

- Yellow Brick Road


*Past Kindness Is Everything:

- Lotus Flower (Limited Edition)

- Supernova (Limited Edition)